Natural vs Lab Grown - what’s the beef?

This is increasingly becoming a contentious issue.  So to be clear:

Henig have not, and will not, sell or supply lab grown, injected, drilled or otherwise similarly artificially enhanced diamonds. Period.

That's not to say that we have our heads buried in the diamond sand.

My personal view, is that natural beauty can't be reproduced.  Purchasing a diamond is an emotive experience and only natural beautifully cut diamonds can tug the heart strings in their own unique way.  That's what we - you and I - are selling.  It's an emotional trip for us and our clients.  We don't believe that lab grown diamonds can achieve that magic.  One of the above images is a natural the other is lab grown.  In all honesty the difference can only be seen in the flesh, and not digitally like this.

I recently read a post by a highly respected competitor of ours; an extract of his piece is below, on which I wholeheartedly agree.  Here it is...


"De Beers is trying to lower the prices of lab grown stones, and it looks like a smart move - first kill the competition.

However, in reality no one can control the diamond market. First they shot themselves in the foot by driving the prices of low grade real diamonds down. This will also reduce the sale of lower quality roughs [sic] from De Beers own mines.

Our Brand Manager even called me a snob, that I disrespect DeBeers. Ok I am a snob, but I have been a snob for 40 years and I am not worried about that.

So should we be worried that they will hurt natural pink diamond sales? Not at all….

A brand is like a pot of hot soup.  When you add meat and potatoes the soup gets thicker and stronger, but when you add water it gets diluted. So producing and selling their own De Beers Lab grown diamonds, De Beers will hurt its own rough sales and interrupt the sale of real diamonds in the market.

Ultimately, no one can really dilute the natural diamond brand, as De Beers marketed it so smartly once upon a time, [as] 'diamonds are forever.' " 


So which of the above diamonds pictured above is real and which is lab grown - can you tell?  Click here and I'll reveal which is which!