There IS humanity in our business

Every so often a story breaks that raises a smile and renews our faith in humanity; it's linked to our business that, all too often, hits the news for all the wrong reasons.

A couple on a romantic holiday in New York, soon after he proposed, were looking at the ring (which was too big for her finger) in the street, when it fell into a drain through a drain guard.  For you and I, that would typically be the end of the story; with tears, recriminations and the beginning of a fairy tale gone wrong.  Not for these two protagonists though.  

The police followed the unfolding drama on CCTV.  They then must have decided to help the unlucky couple and track them down.  Suffice it to say that with the aid of social media and a following wind of serendipity, the ring and its owners were re-united!

If this story peaks your interest, you can read more about it here and even see the unfolding drama, via a twitter feed, as the couple tried to recover their ring in vain, as it disappeared literally down the drain!

A sad story, this time with a very happy ending...