To fluoresce or not to fluoresce, that is the question?

A large swathe of the (luxury?) jewellery industry has a negative view of fluorescence, when it comes to a diamond's specification.  It is true, that sometimes, fluorescence can cause a diamond to look milky or cloudy, but that's not always the case.  I know of at least one highly respected jewellery craftsman in London, who, when he spots faint fluorescence on a diamond's certificate, feel's that it adds to its allure and scintillation, and will lean towards recommending it to his clients, over a non fluorescent option.  

All diamond grading is subjective, its one diamond grader's opinion over another.  The same can also be said as to how fluorescence impacts a diamond's attractiveness.

 A recent piece spotted in Vogue magazine features Cora Sheibani's Glow range where fluorescence is seen as being an extremely desirable proposition.

The diamond pictured above is a 2.53ct D IF Marquise that shimmers under UV light, as it has strong blue florescence; which is why it is called the Disco Ring!  As you can see, it is surrounded by serpent scale-like Burmese "Jedi" spinels, so-called for their unique glow. It is perhaps no coincidence that they also glow a lightsaber-red.

If you're curious to see similar diamonds for a range you'd like to create for your business, then please get in touch.  We'd love to hear from you!