What do you do when your customer is also shopping online?

We regularly hear from retailers who have a customer who is also shopping around online for their diamond. They ask us for help on how they can compete.  I spotted the above post on LinkedIn that sums up things succinctly.  The diamond business is filled with pitfalls, options and confusing price structures that go way beyond the simple 4C's.

Some punters simply want the lowest price.  They're looking for the Woolworths option, which is probably not worth finding for them.  Others genuinely want help through the maze.  They want their hands held though the process, so need to be guided by your professionalism in delivering a unique piece of jewellery, which they will be super proud to wear and own, possibly as a legacy piece, that a family member might well inherit.

In addition to the story in the image - for more inspiration on how you can 'add value' to their purchase please click here, perhaps that can help too. 

We're always happy to help in any way we can.