Where did the term ‘tennis bracelet’ come from?

I recently saw the Instagram feed of one of our clients, Daniella Draper, featuring their diamond line bracelets, which also mentioned how they got their name 'tennis bracelets'.

Its an almost apocryphal story that it happened in 1987 at the US Open; when the eighteen-time grand slam champion Chris Evert lost her bracelet during a game. They had to pause the game to find it!

Delving further into the authenticity of this story, it has been suggested that Chrissie herself remembers it happening the year the US Open moved from Forest Hills to Flushing Meadows, which was in 1978. Perhaps there’s been a switching of digits to make it more current? But does it really matter?

These bracelets are timeless and provide an opportunity for those who own one (or more!) to schparkle whenever they wear them!

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In the meantime see you on court!!!