You can feature over 4,500 certified diamonds online, as your inventory.  Interesting?

A system has been developed where you can download our certified inventory, on a spreadsheet, so your web designer can populate your own website with our diamond data.

  One of our clients has recently achieved this succesfully (please see the main image on this page).

  You can download the data you need by clicking here.  Each time you download, it features an up to date availability, automatically.

  We are currently developing a second generation of this, that will provide you with a 'white label' service where you will have your own unique URL, and will feature your own branding, that you can sell from, both in-store AND online too.

  The benefit of this new development, is that you will then have a 'live available' inventory, as well as being able to benefit from our own unique search function, that we feel is best in class, within the diamond industry.

  If you want to explore how either of these options can work for your business simply click here, and we will get you started as soon as we possibly can.  Hope to hear from you soon...