Do the names Blue Nile, 77 Diamonds & James Allen make you shudder?

There’s a way to overcome the objection “I can get what I want much cheaper online”. Yes, there are four C’s, as all our ‘educated’ and ‘trained’ customers know.  But there’s more.  Much more that you can use as leverage, to overcome this apparent scourge of our business.* How about these four?... Cut – NOT its shape.  But the cut’s quality, which affects its scintillation, wow factor, and the…

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How would you respond if this happened to you?

  If a customer entered your store with a gemstone not knowing its worth and you have an idea of its value, what do you do?  This happened to a client of ours last month.  Mark Wania of L Guess in Whitton, Middlesex.  He suggested that his customer take the item to Sotheby's to get it correctly valued.  The diamond then sold for £650,000!  How would you respond in the same…

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Celebrity engagement rings can provide design inspiration!

Can you match the ring with the celebrity?  If you like to see how the other half live and also want to know which ring belongs to who - please click here and all will be revealed...  P.S. It looks like fancy cuts are the way to get noticed!  Do you want to make something similar? Then let us know and we'll help you fulfill your clients' engagement dreams.

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You can feature over 4,500 certified diamonds online, as your inventory.  Interesting?

A system has been developed where you can download our certified inventory, on a spreadsheet, so your web designer can populate your own website with our diamond data.  One of our clients has recently achieved this succesfully (please see the main image on this page).  You can download the data you need by clicking here.  Each time you download, it features an up to date availability, automatically.  We are currently developing…

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The reason you’re reading this!...

It's rare that we have contact with the end user of our diamonds.Understandably so, as you are our customers: retailers; designers; workshops; wholesales; manufacturers; dealers. So when a client shared this with me, it brought to the surface why we do this. It's to help the eventual buyers of our diamonds communicate, to the people that are most important in their lives, how much they love them.  Here's the story: "I received…

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